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Adobe® Acrobat® and PDF for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

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by Tom Carson (Author), Donna L. Baker (Author)


    Adobe® Acrobat® and PDF for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

    by Tom Carson (Author), Donna L. Baker (Author)

    Applied Acrobat for Engineers is the first and only book to be written specifically to give engineers the skills that they need to use pdfs and Adobe Acrobat in engineering applications.

    Teaches the use of PDF in communication and archiving of complex documents with a specific slant towards various engineering disciplines and the related areas of architecture and construction management

    Better document control reduces project review and approval times

    Uses the progressive treatment of a sample project, throughout the book, to explain and illustrate the application of Acrobat techniques

    Encourages easier interaction with clients and regulatory agencies by employing a completely searchable document format which is available to all


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    • 248 pages
    • Publisher: Springer; 2006 edition (November 14, 2005)
    • Language: English

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