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Amish Garden: A Year In The Life Of An Amish Garden

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by Laura A. Lapp (Author), Jeremy Hess (Photographer)


    Amish Garden: A Year In The Life Of An Amish Garden

    by Laura A. Lapp (Author), Jeremy Hess (Photographer)

     An Amish Garden: A Year in the Life of an Amish Garden takes you to six working Amish gardens, from January through December. Matchless photos show the garden asleep, the Amish women putting together their orders for seeds, the preparation of the soil, parents and children planting, the emerging plants, the lush harvest, the food being preserved.           This close-up of a world seldom seen shows how the seasons and Amish life work rhythmically together. Laura Anne Lapp lives with her husband and three young sons in a tucked-away valley. Gardening is simply the highpoint of her year. Step apart and enter this pastoral world of hard work, sturdy families, the freshest of flowers and produce, all in harmony with the seasons.

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