The Green House

by Alanna Stang (Author),‎ Christopher Hawthorne (Author)


Old Buildings, New Designs : Architectural Transformations

by Charles Bloszies (Author),‎ Hugh Hardy (Foreword)


Ryokan : Japan’s Finest Spas and Inns

by Akihiko Seki (Author),‎ Elizabeth Heilman Brooke (Author)


Inhabiting Identity

by Arch. League of NY (Author)


Bernard Tschumi : Zenith De Rouen, Rouen, France

by Todd Gannon (Author, Editor)


Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis : Opportunistic Architecture

by Paul Lewis (Author),‎ Marc Tsurumaki (Author),‎ David J. Lewis (Author)


Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011

by Don Bokmiller (Author),‎ Marvin Titlow (Contributor),‎ Simon Whitbread (Contributor)


Contractor’s Guide to Green Building Construction : Management, Project Delivery, Documentation, and Risk Reduction

by Thomas E. Glavinich (Author),‎ Associated General Contractors (Author),‎ Thomas A. Taylor (Foreword)


Workplace Strategies and Facilities Management

by Rick Best (Editor),‎ Gerard de Valence (Editor),‎ Craig Langston (Editor)


America's Urban Future : Lessons from North of the Border

by Ray Tomalty (Author),‎ Alan Mallach (Author)


Transportable Environments: No. 2

by Robert Kronenburg (Editor),‎ Joseph Lim (Editor),‎ Wong Yunn Chii (Editor)


Super Potato Design : The Complete Works of Takashi Sugimoto – Japan's Leading Interior Designer

by Mira Locher (Author),‎ Tadao Ando (Foreword),‎ Yoshio Shiratori (Photographer)


Marmol Radziner and Associates : Adventures in Design and Construction

by Leo Marmol (Author),‎ Ron Radziner (Author),‎ Karen Weise (Editor),‎ Paul Goldberger (Foreword)


Asian Style Hotels : Bali, Java, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

by Kim Inglis (Author),‎ Jacob Termansen (Photographer),‎ Pia Marie Molbech (Photographer)