Architects' Data

by Ernst Neufert (Author),‎ Peter Neufert (Author)


The Vertical Transportation Handbook

by George R. Strakosch (Editor),‎ Robert S. Caporale (Editor)


The Green Guide to Specification : An Environmental Profiling System for Building Materials and Components

by Jane Anderson (Author),‎ David Shiers (Author),‎ Mike Sinclair (Author)


Eco-Urban Design

by John A. Flannery (Author), Karen M. Smith (Author)


Chimney Rock National Monument

by Amron Gravett (Author),‎ Christine Robinette (Author),‎ Glenn Raby (Foreword)


Building the Caldecott Tunnel

by Mary McCosker (Author),‎ Mary Solon (Author)


The Graphic Standards Guide to Architectural Finishes : Using MASTERSPEC to Evaluate, Select and Specify Materials

by ARCOM (Author),‎ The American Institute of Architects (Author),‎ Elena M. S. Garrison (Editor)


Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites : Workshop Proceedings

by Emilio Bilotta (Editor),‎ Alessandro Flora (Editor),‎ Stefania Lirer (Editor),‎ Carlo Viggiani (Editor)


Modern Construction Envelopes

by Andrew Watts (Author)


Multifamily Housing Development Handbook

by Adrienne Schmitz (Author)


Model-Based System Architecture

by Tim Weilkiens (Author),‎ Jesko G. Lamm (Author),‎ Stephan Roth (Author),‎ Markus Walker (Author)


Microgrids : Architectures and Control

by Nikos Hatziargyriou (Editor)


Software Architecture : Foundations, Theory, and Practice

by R. N. Taylor (Author),‎ N. Medvidovic (Author),‎ E. M. Dashofy (Author)


The Architect's Studio Companion : Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design

by Edward Allen (Author),‎ Joseph Iano (Author)


Architect's Handbook of Construction Detailing

by David Kent Ballast FAIA CSI (Author)


Designing Interiors 2nd Edition

by Rosemary Kilmer (Author), W. Otie Kilmer (Author)