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Perception in Architecture: Here and Now

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by Claudia Perren (Author, Editor),‎ Miriam Mlecek (Editor)


    Perception in Architecture: Here and Now

    by Claudia Perren (Author, Editor),‎ Miriam Mlecek (Editor)

    Definitions of space are as diverse as the disciplines in which it plays a fundamental role; from science and philosophy to art and architecture, each field's perception of space is often simplified or reduced. This consequently denies access to 'new spaces', whose definitions and perspectives, strategies and impacts on human perception are rarely considered in any cohesive manner. This is where the Aedes Network Campus Berlin (ANCB) programme 'No Space Without Traits' came in: particularly through artistic approaches, it aimed to open doors into spatial worlds that until now have remained closed. The symposium "PERCEPTION in Architecture. HERE and NOW" was part of this programme and invited critical and comprehensive contributions by academics, artists, architects, designers and curators. These presentations are brought together in this volume to reflect upon new spatial concepts and thus access 'new spaces' of perception in architecture. The symposium stimulated a discourse focused on spaces as a collective entity, notions of spatial truth, the multiplicity of experience, and Wahrnehmnungsapparate, as well as physical, visual, acoustic and virtual manifestations of space in relation to social, cultural, historical and political forces.

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