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Responsive Landscapes: Strategies for Responsive Technologies in Landscape Architecture

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by Bradley E Cantrell (Author), Justine Holzman (Author)


    Responsive Landscapes: Strategies for Responsive Technologies in Landscape Architecture

    by Bradley E Cantrell (Author), Justine Holzman  (Author)

    The sensing, processing, and visualizing that are currently in development within the environment boldly change the ways design and maintenance of landscapes are perceived and conceptualised. This is the first book to rationalize interactive architecture and responsive technologies through the lens of contemporary landscape architectural theory.

    Responsive Landscapes frames a comprehensive view of design projects using responsive technologies and their relationship to landscape and environmental space. Divided into six insightful sections, the book frames the projects through the terms; elucidate, compress, displace, connect, ambient, and modify to present and construct a pragmatic framework in which to approach the integration of responsive technologies into landscape architecture.

    Complete with international case studies, the book explores the various approaches taken to utilise responsive technologies in current professional practice. This will serve as a reference for professionals, and academics looking to push the boundaries of landscape projects and seek inspiration for their design proposals.


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