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Sun, Wind, and Light: Architectural Design Strategies 3rd Edition

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by Mark DeKay (Author),‎ G. Z. Brown (Author)


    Sun, Wind, and Light: Architectural Design Strategies 3rd Edition

    by Mark DeKay  (Author),‎ G. Z. Brown  (Author)

    An updated guide to designing buildings that heat with the sun, cool with the wind, and light with the sky.

    This fully updated Third Edition covers principles of designing buildings that use the sun for heating, wind for cooling, and daylight for natural lighting. With 432 printed pages and a 450-page electronic book, supplemented with Digital Extras, this package supplies the preliminary design tools and strategies for achieving Architecture 2030® carbon-neutral performance targets. Using hundreds of illustrations, this book offers practical strategies that give the designer the tools they need to make energy efficient buildings.
    • Hundreds of illustrations and practical strategies give the designer the tools they need to make energy efficient buildings.
    • Organized to quickly guide the designer in making buildings respond to the sun, wind and light.

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    • 432 pages
    • Publisher: Wiley; 3 edition (February 3, 2014)
    • Language: English
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